Filming and Videography Introduction

NQ Media is pleased to offer a wide range of film and video options for a wide range of personal, business, School, Charity and other organisations needs. Whether the film is designed to help tell a story or whether it is designed to promote or sell a business or charity we would be very happy to help you.

In the last few years we have provided our services to a number of Schools for their stage productions and for school leavers including a 30 minute film that we created for Barnby Road Academy entitled ‘My Story at Barnby’. The film was recorded in Full HD 1080p (4K is also available if required) edited and colour graded and then delivered to the School as a Digital file to play at their Year 6 leavers assembly. The response was very positive to the film and was appreciated by parents, pupils and the staff.

We have also provided leavers videos for Coddington Primary School and Brant Broughton and due to their popularity we have been booked again for this coming year.

A Showcase of some of our work

Book Promotion Project

We were asked to create a short promotional trailer for the popular Ogmios Series of books written by the International best selling author Steven Savile.


The modern world is about perception and public faces. You want to be eye-catching, you want to be cutting edge, offering something different, adding value to the interactive experience. Face it, everything’s connected and that means today everything’s important. It’s part of the whole package. That’s where NQ Media come in. They offered a first class service and were fantastic to work with. Everything about the process was painless, even if I didn’t know exactly what I wanted and would keep asking what I assumed was impossible, they listened to my ideas and found ways to improve on them, and in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get world that’s no easy task. In a word, brilliant. And as a creative person you really do appreciate creativeness in others, especially when they make you look better than you are.’ Steven Savile, International Bestselling Author of Silver, HNIC and over 30 other novels

Steven Savile –

Skylark Campaign Project

We were asked to provide a short promotional video for the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and their successful Skylark Campaign.


‘I just thought I would let you know the good news that we’ve just reached the £50,000 for the Skylarks Appeal This was much earlier than anticipated and this success was helped along tremendously by your video/photos of the land – we played the video at many of our key events over recent months and it always got a great reception.

Thanks to additional funding from grants, and the early success of the initial public fundraising, this isn’t actually the end of the Skylarks Appeal – we’re now extending our aims to raise enough money to be able to transform/improve the new reserve. So thanks once again for your assistance.’

Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust