Experimenting with New Olympus 75mm F1.8 and 4K Video

A major advance in recent times has been the availability of 4K Video and with that the option to extract a still from that video filmed at 30fps to then save as a 8MP photo. The Panasonic G7 camera allows the user to extract the still in camera which is a great feature and great […]

Creating a fresh look for School Photography – Part 2

Our second portrait style is our outdoor Summer / Autumn portrait. So often a School has great locations around its grounds that would be ideal for a School Portrait. Whether its a case of a fear of bad weather or just sticking to what has always been done in the past, outdoor portraits are not […]

Creating a fresh look for School Photography

We have for some time thought that most School Photography looks somewhat dated and doesn’t really capture Children in their actual School environment. After careful consideration we have developed 2 exciting new styles of portraits for Schools. The first new style is the Classroom Portrait. This contemporary style allows you to see into the Childs […]