Welcome to our Sports Action Designs page.

Our Sports Action designs are available as either Digital files ready to print yourself or as High Quality Fine Art Prints or as Canvas prints.

Every design is created from actual photos that you can provide to us or we can take for you.

We offer great value packages for any Sporting individual or all Sports Clubs including Football, Cricket, Tennis, Gymnastics, Cycling, Judo and Athletics to name just a few. Each and every design can be personalised for free with names, dates, places, team names as required.

To find our more please take a look below or please get in touch and email us at info@nqmedia.co.uk

Transform normal photos into amazing gifts / keepsakes

Our fabulous team will transform your photos or the photos we take on your behalf into stunning designs that we can then personalise for you. The completed artwork designs are available as digital files, high quality fine art prints or as canvas prints.

Sports Clubs

If you are involved in a club maybe as a coach or organiser then why not get in touch and find out more as we offer various packages for teams. 

As an example if you run a Football team and would like each member of the team to have a photo similar to this these these can easily be taken during a standard training session (estimated time needed for a squad of 14 is around 20 minutes).

All personalisation is included for free.

Booking our Services for 2022/23 – simply email us at sales@nqmedia.co.uk or message us on Facebook advising the dates and times of training sessions and we will advise our availability.  For Individuals please message us for available dates and times.

Team PricingUsually just a £5 deposit per player (minimum players 11) gets you booked in for our all inclusive Photography service which is then returned as a voucher to spend in our online store when ordering your files, prints or canvases. Prices for for the files, prints and canvases are available upon request. 

Price includes us visiting your club at an agreed time to take your teams individual action photos (assumes within 25 miles of Retford) If outside this please contact us for pricing info. (estimated time needed for a squad of 14 is around 20 minutes).

Cashback Offer for Clubs15% – 20% of any sales from your club players / members are returned to the club to be used as needed for equipment etc.

Football Photo Info – Both examples shown below are photos taken during a training session and then edited by our team. 

Individuals – 

If you are an individual and would like a print created for you that look similar to the above or any of these then please get in touch.

Individual Pricing – £75.00 includes Photography session upto 20 minutes, up to 2 design variations as shown in the Football example above and a free A4 sized personalised fine art print. Other sizes available upon request. (assumes within 25 miles of Retford) 

Individual Pricing with your own photo –  £38.00 includes our design time to work on your photo and free A4 sized personalised fine art print.
If you have a photo already then this package is for you. If you would like us to convert your special photo into one of these designs then please email us today at sales@nqmedia.co.uk and we will advise what to do next. Please note not all photos will be suitable depending on their quality and subject positioning etc. We will happily advise you before purchase if your photo is suitable.

More examples shown below