Website Design, Hosting and Marketing Design

Whether you are a small business, School or Charity the world of websites and high quality design for your marketing needs can seem quite daunting.

NQ Media are delighted to offer a wide range of services to help and support business, Schools and charities including Website design and hosting, Prospectus and brochure designs, marketing leaflets, School and business logos.

Engaging Design that aims at its heart to capture your School or businesses personality, values and ethos

Modern websites are image and video rich in terms of content and of course our photography and filming services can also be used for these purposes as required. Many of our packages for website design include our Photography Services for free.

If you are interested in any of these services then please get in touch.

Download our  latest Schools Marketing Brochure to find out more about what we can offer Schools.


School Marketing Mini Brochure

Download our  latest Schools Marketing Brochure to find out more about what we can offer Schools.

Download school marketing brochure

New School or Business logo?

If your School is looking for an inspiring new logo that represents the elements that are important to you and that works well across all literature and marketing then please get in touch.

A couple of our most recent logo designs for Christchurch School in Newark and Lovers Lane Primary also in Newark Nottinghamshire

Website Design Service – Update

We have been delighted to build and host a number of new websites for School’s and businesses in the last few years and we are now making this service more widely available.

Our whole approach is to offer high quality websites that are both easily accessible from desktop, mobile and tablets as well as being easily editable for the user and above all affordable.

If you are a School, business or Charity that would like to find out more about our services then please get in touch.

The websites shown below were both created by us and all the photography used throughout the sites were provided by us and included in the price.