Classroom Portraits – Brant Broughton School 2016

In early November we were invited to Brant Broughton Primary School for the first time to photo the children at their desks in their classrooms. We would like to thank the staff and children at the School who were very welcoming and accommodating on the morning we visited. The atmosphere in School felt very happy and relaxed and we hope this atmosphere is reflected in the photos taken.

This style of photo is one we feel really captures the children in their everyday school environment and appears to be popular with the Schools who we currently offer it too and parents alike.

Our aim is always to ensure there is minimal disruption to the class and allow everyone in the class to work as normally as possible. Therefore we only use small continuous LED lights which are much less intrusive and functional within a class environment than traditional flash.

We are hoping to offer this style to more Schools in 2017 and if you know of a School that maybe interested in offering this style in addition to their current offerings then please feel free to get in touch.

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