School Photography with a difference

Traditionally School photography from a parents perspective has seemed a little limited with little choice and is often expensive. This tends to result in a relatively low take up rate which often affects the commission a School receives as well some complaints from parents about the quality.

Our approach to providing School photography comes from our own experience as parents and our wish to offer photos that capture the children as naturally as possible as well as capturing them in their actual school environment.

Our popular outdoor summer portraits and class desk photos have become a very important part of our business and provide parents with choice not only in the Autumn but also provides options through the year. Our class desk photos are especially popular and can be taken at anytime of the year although in most cases Schools have opted for the Autumn term. Our aim is always to minimise disruption to classes as far as possible for these types of photos which normally take no more than 25 minutes for an average class of 30. We have received many kind messages from parents over the last few years saying how much they like these photos capturing their child in their actual classroom. The is also true of our popular summer portrait which is taken outdoors in the School grounds. These outdoor photos are very quick to take with limited equipment required and offer parents a lovely keepsake as the School year draws to an end.

We do of course offer the traditional studio style photos that most providers offer. However we only use continuous lights for these as from our experience young children especially do not respond well when flash units are used as the very bright sudden burst of light often startles them reducing the chances of capturing a relaxed and happy portrait photo of the child. We have opted to use continuous lights which have come along way in recent years and allow us to capture many more photos of each child than we would normally expect to capture using flash. The advantage of this is that we are much more likely to capture a child looking relaxed and with a natural smile which most parents understandably prefer.

Our dual approach is to offer parents better value and choice whilst maintaining a very positive relationship with each school, understanding their needs and requirements for as little disruption as possible while aiming to increase the overall take up rate / subsequent sales from the photos with the added benefit of an increase in the overall commission that they then would receive.

If you think our services are something you would like to see at your School then, if a parent, please have a chat with your head teacher to see if they maybe interested in asking us in for a chat or if you are a member of staff or the head teacher of a primary or secondary school then please email us at and we would be very happy to have an initial chat with you to discuss our offering.